Thursday, March 12, 2009

Camera 1, camera 2

The Syracuse-UConn Big East tournament game has just headed to overtime after a last-second shot by the Orange was nullified (correctly) via review. I have a decent-sized HDTV so I was able to see ESPN's replays quite clearly. But the official at MSG was using a 13" screen at best and it was definitely not HD or plasma or anything. When the NFL first started using replay this was also an issue -- of course, it may still be, they just now hide the screen under a curtain. This mystifies me, why major sporting events/venues/teams go cheap on something so important to the outcome of the game.

Update: This game is now in its SIXTH overtime. I did not plan on staying up until 1:30am to watch a relatively meaningless Big East Tournament game. But it has been a good game. And the 'cuse, who have been pretty bad from the charity stripe all year, are 20 of 22 from the free throw line in the OTs... including two clutch shots by a guy who was 1 for his previous 16.