Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who's my daddy?

First, Matt replied to my Springsteen post.  Go read it, but note that the quote by the Boss that Matt found actually supports his argument that Thunder Road should go last.  If Thunder Road sums up the album best, as Springsteen says, then that song should go last, so that the album ends on a note of some hope of redemption, rather than the total despair of Jungleland. 

But I thought of a good idea for a website or an app or whatnot, so if someone wants to make it and include me on the profits, go nuts.  You upload a picture of your baby, your spouse, and yourself.  Other users are then presented with a picture of your baby and several possible fathers and several possible mothers (using fathers and mothers that were uploaded by other users).  You could then find out if random others think that you actually look like your child.  You could certainly structure it so that in order to get the reward (other people's opinion) you have to give your opinion on x number of other families.