Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gay marriage

Not surprisingly, I'm very much in favor of the count ruling yesterday that overturned California's Prop 8, banning gay marriages.  The issue will eventually find its way to the Supreme Court, and I very much look forward to the tortured logic that Scalia will use to somehow find an interpretation that a) gays shouldn't be allowed to marry BUT b) I'm saying this not because I'm a homophobe but rather because of my pure and logical reading of the Constitution. 

Basically, I find it very hard to view gay marriage as anything but a civil rights issue, unless you also think that the 14th and 19th amendments were bad ideas because it took away power from the 10th amendment. 

Unrelated, but the story in the NY Times today about Verizon and Google potentially partnering up to allow some web-based content higher priority than others is creepy.  It is bad enough that most people do not have a choice in how they get their cable and internet service (my choices are Comcast and... that's it).  So if I have a problem with how Comcast decides, basically, to censor the internet, how exactly do I go about fighting that, assuming I still want to use the internet?  What if the CEO of Your Internet Provider is really pro-life, and decides to ban the Planned Parenthood website?  What's to stop him from doing so?  Is Congress and/or the FCC going to start figuring out what websites can and cannot be functionally censored?  That seems like a mess.