Thursday, November 18, 2010

History happened here

Winter is a time that many brewers decide to put out a seasonal mix of beers.  Saranac, for example, used to have the 12 Beers of Christmas, which included several beers that they only made that time of year.  My roommate in grad school and I would make a night out of, well, drinking the whole thing.  This year they have a Vanilla Stout that I'm interested to try.

Anyways, Sam Adams does the same thing, but they don't have 12 different beers, but basically two six packs.  That's fine.  But for years, they insisted on including a Cranberry Lambic, and not just one of them, but two.  No one would touch the Cranberry Lambic.  You could visit someone in March and still, sitting in their fridge, would be two Cranberry Lambics.  Maybe you'd get lucky and some unsuspecting person (read: a female) would drink it, but no one makes that mistake twice.  Eventually you just throw it out, or find some night where you're a) too drunk to care and b) there's no more rubbing alcohol in the house.

A few months ago, Jim Koch, the founder of Sam Adams, was a guest on the Planet Mikey show on WEEI, a sports talk radio station in Boston.  My friend called up and asked him, on air, why he insisted on including the Cranberry Lambic in the Winter Classics collection (thus turning a 12 pack into a 10 pack).  Koch answered tersely, "because I like it."  Well, friends, let it be known that the Cranberry Lambic has been removed from the Winter Classics collection!  And not only that, but it has replaced by the White Ale!!!  I love the White Ale, as for many years is was the Spring seasonal beer (replaced this past year by the forgettable Noble Pils).

So, P.Y., the world owes you, for finally ridding us of the Cranberry Lambic.  I think I'm going to go out and buy a 12 pack right now...