Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey, they're still making $$$

Meatloaf writes in:

Given that one of the limiting factors to your question is pretty severe (we're looking for stuff in the box of 'groups that are bigger than the Who") the answer is probably 'no," unless Richards/Jagger (or JBJ / Richie Sambora?) actually hate each other. Or you want to count Lennon/McCartney circa 1970-1975.

In all seriousness, I suppose that Plant and Page had their troubles, but that all started long after Zeppelin called it quits on perfectly amicable (albeit sad) terms. Certainly Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel utterly hated each other by the end. Probably ditto with Diamond Dave and EVH or W. Axl and Izzy Stradlin. But I suppose you are looking for people who actually continue to work together. And there's probably not a winning answer there. Don Henly and Glen Frey?

Re: palladia, I have it and I love it. It basically runs live regular concerts non-stop, plus things like "Storytellers." All in HD. Awesome.