Monday, April 13, 2009


Remember that Seinfeld where George quit his job on Friday, regretted it, and then tried showing up to work on Monday as if nothing ever happened? Apparently my favorite NYT Op-Ed writer is trying the same thing. Yes, Mr. Jake from AIG, who awhile ago 'resigned' while attempting to wring sympathy from us about all the Hard Work he did at AIG for a mere pittance of a $750,000 bonus, is still there:
Jake DeSantis, the AIG executive who recently penned a very nuanced take in the New York Times about why he deserves a publicly funded $750,000 bonus that otherwise would’ve been laughed out of bankruptcy court, is still working at that damn company, even though his NYT column was supposedly a resignation letter. Anyone have a ballpark figure on how long it takes to “resolve a commodity business?”