Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home of the... torturers

Through the many incoherent splutterings of the Fox News crowd, I can't quite figure out if their argument is that we didn't torture them (as the torture techniques are often described in gentle terms, like we "slapped" them or "threw water in their face") or that we did torture but it is okay because these are Bad People.

But what I really don't get is that Karl Rove argues that releasing these memos makes us less safe, because now the techniques won't work because the terrorists will know what's coming. But if that's true, then what is the point of waterboarding someone several times, much less dozens of times? I mean, if someone can 'practice' being tortured and inure himself to it, then wouldn't you not want to waste an application of a given technique?

And while the MSM isn't really following up on the implications of all this, at least The Daily Show has been covering our crimes...