Saturday, July 25, 2009

Burn baby burn

While scrolling through a database of available grants, I came across this offering from the Department of Defense:
The FY09 PRCRP Collaborative Translational Science Award requests applications from these Focus Areas only: Research into melanoma and other skin cancers related to deployments of service members to areas of high exposure by: A) Understanding molecular and immunological effects of UV at the level of the cell and at the level of the human host, and B) The genetic epidemiology and increased susceptibility to melanoma and other skin cancers.

Now, this isn't quite my area of research so it isn't something I'd apply for [by which I mean, not something I'd write a grant for that my boss would claim as his own] but it did make me think that, jeez, a lot of our servicemen probably have a lot more on their minds in Iraq than a regular application of sunscreen, yet said application is really really important for preventing problems later on. At least the DOD is thinking about that.