Monday, July 20, 2009

One Small Step for... Me

Exactly 10 weeks ago, [name redacted until after the lawyers are done with me] hit me with his car while I was on my way to work. Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, my ankle went from the picture on the left to the picture on the right.*
Kinda fitting that, on the 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing,** my doc gave me the thumbs up to start walking again, while wearing a moon boot no less. My right leg is currently huge, while my left one is rather withered and/or atrophied.

* Actually, the 'normal' picture is what it looked like after they set it -- I didn't just happen to have a pre-accident x-ray of my ankle
** Yes, I know it was actually filmed in a Hollywood studio, please don't send me your personal manifesto