Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Huzzah yourself

Who knows why (maybe the panama hats) but I've always thought that Teddy Roosevelt would have been absolutely insufferable to be around. This passage from "Theodore Rex" pretty much confirms it:
Personally, Roosevelt was not worried about assassination. If a bullet came from behind, he could do nothing about it, and would "go down into the darkness," that being his fatalistic image of death. If the attack was frontal, as on McKinley, he had confidence in the abnormal speed of his reflexes, and the power of his 185-pound body. Last winter, in Colorado, he had leaped off his horse into a pack of hounds, kicked them aside, and knifed a cougar to death. What a great fight that had been!

The phrase "ass-clown" springs to mind.

Thanks to the pirate with webbed feet for the quote.