Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Idiot watch: Peter Roff

I have no idea who Peter Roff is, or why US News & World Reports allows him to write on their website, but this is just idiotic. In talking about Romney running for Kennedy's Senate seat:
As a self-funding candidate who has already been elected once statewide, Romney has nearly 100 percent name ID. And, in an environment where President Obama seems to be dragging the Democrats down, he would be a serious threat to the Democratic hegemony in Massachusetts's congressional delegation. Meaning Romney likely would win.

Do you think that, maybe, all those disparaging comments Romney made about Massachusetts while he was running for president in '08 might be re-told now? In the Republican primary Romney barely cracked 50% (51%, to McCain's 41%). So I'm pretty sure he won't be our next Senator. Idiot.