Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morning TV

Since I'm driving into work these days, and since I really hate sitting in traffic (how do people do this every day of their lives?), I'm attempting to hang out at home in the mornings until the traffic dies down and then leave for work at about 9am. Likewise I work a little later into the evening, for the same reason. Because of this, and because I know a guy who will be on later in the show, I currently have the Today Show on the teevee. How do people watch this? Today's big story is some girl & mother that were apparently kidnapped in Pennsylvania. So what does the Today Show think will be a good thing to do? Put on the father and ex-husband of the two! And then ask him how he is feeling!

On a side note, I haven't cut my hair in quite some time, to the point where its length would just be described in centimeters instead of millimeters. The wife (Mrs. Disconfirmed?) is a fan of this development, but now that I've seen Matt Lauer and his apparent buzz cut...

But I will say this... the Today Show might be more watchable than Sportscenter, which used to be half an hour long and, you know, gave highlights of sporting events, in much the same way that MTV used to play music videos. Two years ago I turned on Sportscenter while on vacation and they were earnestly debating which of two atheletes was more now.