Sunday, September 6, 2009

Curt for Senate?

For some reason, someone put a microphone in front of Curt Schilling and asked him about the vacant Massachusetts Senate seat, which has somehow created the smallest inkling of a possibility that he'd run for Senate. Good God.

First, Schilling is politically best known for his belief that it was everyone's "duty" to vote for George Bush in 2004. Mmm, strike one, buddy. Second, it has always struck me as odd that he is, seemingly, devoted to ALS (i.e. Lou Gehrig's Disease) research, and his wife lobbies for melanoma research... and yet he supports Republicans, whom are vigorously anti-science.

Anyways, he just posted on his blog about his political beliefs. Let's go through it:

People, many people, point to my support of former President Bush as the only reason they need to support “whoever he would run against”. Obviously that’s your right, and freedom. However it appears to me that as an Independent, which I will always be, I’ve always tried to vote for the right team more so than the right person. I believed in Dick Cheney, I believed in Colin Powell, I believed in Condoleezza Rice. I voted as much, if not more, for the team President Bush had assembled as I ever did for the man.

Okay, this makes it even worse. Cheney committed war crimes, Powell was dismissed about two days into the new administration and either lied or was too dim to see the truth when he spoke at the UN in the run-up to the Iraq war, Condi declared that no one could have forseen the breach of the levies in New Orleans, even though many people, including a leading researcher at Tulane (in New Orleans!) said exactly that. This is just a bizarre defense of a vote for Bush.

I live in a state where I can’t drive 1/2 of a mile without a torn up road, or on a major highway without paying a toll, a large toll.

The only toll road in Massachusetts is I-90. You can drive on I-93, I-95, and I-495 and not pay a dime. You can also drive on Route 2 across the state to the Berkshires, Route 3 down to the Cape, and Route 24 towards Providence for free. Pandering moron.

I’m pro-life (with exception to rape, incest or terminal consequences to mom or child during birth) and against Gay marriage. However, let me be very clear on both of those issues. Those issues are so far beyond the scope or responsibility of one person to legislate it’s laughable. The state you reside in should be the body that determines BOTH of those laws.

Well, if you are a Senator, you are one of 100 people who work on things like this, so I would hardly describe it as 'laughable' that a Senator's position on these matters would matter. Certainly if one has the same attitude towards civil rights as Schilling is making for gay rights then this nation would probably still be far behind where we are now in terms of race relations.

Were I to even consider this it would be for 1 term and 1 term only, and then only to do everything in my power to rid this state of the tired an unethical people that have run it into the ground and help it begin the healing process, and once again become a thriving state to live and work in.

Curt might need a bit of a primer on the structure of federal and state government. How, exactly, is someone in the US Senate going to clean up the Massachusetts state legislature and governor and judicial system? Beyond that, Massachusetts has actually held up really well during his recession.

I’m not even close to a Rhodes Scholar or Ivy League graduate, but I also know I’m watching many people with those exact credentials run this state, and this country, into the ground.

George Bush has an MBA from Harvard, so when did this become a no-go for Schilling? John Roberts has a BA from Harvard, Alito from Princeton, and Scalia has his JD from Harvard Law -- should we remove them from the bench? As for Rhodes Scholars, there are exactly two in the US Congress, Dick Lugar and Russ Feingold (in looking that up, I learned the Bobby Jindal is a Rhodes Scholar) and I'd hardly point to them as two of the main architects of running Mass or USA into the ground.

Curt Schilling is an idiot.