Thursday, September 10, 2009

Irate email!

I'm very excited to share an irate email I received this morning from a "mike sanders" who somehow stumbled on this blog. Here it is, in its entirety, with my comments interspersed:

Your blog had more inaccuracies then I could count. But then again that's the liberal mantra. Keep saying something till people think it's a fact. you know when I'm in China I see the same thing in their papers as well. Plus I have seen this from the Stalin handbook as well.

Well Mike, I'd say that your opening paragraph has more grammatical inaccuracies than I could count, but I'm really good at counting. So that was one. Next is more of a terminology issue, I don't really think that "mantra" is an appropriate word in the second sentence, maybe tactic? The third "sentence" is actually a sentence fragment, "till" is not a word unless you are working the soil, but you do get bonus points for using the apostrophe in "it's" as most people forget that the contraction form of it is requires the apostrophe. Not capitalizing the beginning of the next sentence is forgivable, because coming up we have a sentence written in ALL CAPS, so on balance we're even. Okay, so now that we've established the topic of the debate, namely my Sino-Russian blase attitude towards facts, let's see where I've erred. In response to my assertion that there are a lot of non-toll roads in Massachusetts, mike writes:
wow so I take it you have never heard of Rte 1? Rte 1a? Rte 95? rte 93 or Rte 128? Cause last time I checked, there are tolls on them. I can draw you a map if you want?

I would be very interested in such a map, as I-95, I-93, and Rt. 128 do not have any tolls on them in Massachusetts -- they do if you continue into other states, but Schilling was very clear in his statement that you can't drive in this state without paying tolls. Now, Rt. 1 does have a toll on it, but that is to cross the Tobin bridge, so it a bridge toll, not something that makes Rt. 1 a toll road (ditto for some of the tunnels to exit from Logan). But you can drive through the entire state of Massachusetts on I-93 and I-95 and not pay a dime. I also like the "I'm Ron Burgundy?" aspect of the offer to draw me a map.
HA yes all of us republicans are soooo against science. The world is still flat right? I too support ALS research. I make less then $50k a year but still raised over $150k in 5 years for ALS research with the charity me and my brother started. I give as much money as I can to charities (part of being a Christian and Not a Entitlement Liberal.) I give to Cancer Research as well. I spend time to help my community from my work at a private club that helps the community from scholarships or to on my own helping every thing from the local little league to the Salvation Army. What have you done for your community besides belittle people that are actual doing things on there own and people that are not ACORN paid demonstrators? See Republicans believe charity is something we Should do but not forced to do. (as in TAKING my money to give to the whacko's at eh NEA or what ever else) So again I ask What DO YOU DO?

Now, I simply noted that it was "odd" that Schilling and his wife support scientific research yet also support the Republican party. This is an opinion that is quite common among scientists, in fact. What I didn't question, but mike seems to want to say I did, is both the value of doing charity work and the relative contribution of liberals and conservatives towards charity. But we get mike's treatise on the subject nonetheless. I appreciate the ALL CAPS at the end, it really brings home the point that I should reconsider how I contribute to society, because clearly my line of work is pretty selfish.
I can go over everyone of your responses and give you truth instead of the kool aid answers you have to each of Curts statements. But Sorry the state just raised my taxes so I need to get some work done.

It is too bad mike chose to spend his time ranting about ACORN instead of informing me about truth, and I also like the use of Schilling's first name, as if to imply that they are buddies or something. As for the recent sales tax increase that mike mentions, it is worth noting that "the higher sales tax on Massachusetts residents, even at 6.25 percent, would be among the bottom third of states because Massachusetts does not impose sales taxes on groceries, clothing under $175, and prescription drugs."

Thanks for your time, mike.