Saturday, November 22, 2008


The final page of this week's Sports Illustrated (which has pretty much been wasted space since Reilly left) has an interesting article about Derrick Coleman, power forward for the Syracuse Orangemen from 1987 - 1990. Coleman was a freshman the year the 'cuse were beaten by Keith Smart of Indiana in the '87 finals, and a senior when Syracuse became the first #2 seed to lose in the first round (to the #15 Richmond Spiders). Coleman was taken first in the NBA draft by the Nets, and went on to have a decidedly mediocre NBA career.

Anyway, the article surrounds DC's efforts to improve his hometown of Detroit. Apparently he's quite active and generous and all that good stuff. Worth the read. But I find it incredibly odd, especially in a sports magazine, to spend several paragraphs talking about Dave Bing's run for mayor of Detroit, his relationship with Coleman, and not mention that Bing also had a stellar basketball career at Syracuse.