Thursday, November 6, 2008


Linus Pauling sends in this story. 7.01 is MIT's introductory biology class, and Bob Weinberg is a giant in the field of cancer research:
Not sure if word got back to you about this yet, but during Weinberg's 7.01 lecture and then during floor meeting he made a little speech about the election. He recounted to us about what he said in 2004 to his class after Bush won, the whole "you have more intellect in the last digit of your little finger than Bush". Then he talked about how it was hard to appreciated historic events when you are so close to them. But he feels like this was one. He starts going into this story about how he was in DC and heard MLK give his "I have a dream speech". At this point he starts crying and has to pause for a little while. Then he goes on to say he taught at a recently integrated school in Alabama in the 1960s that had 610 black students and two white students. All the students and their families were sharecroppers, and he had tried to help them vote. At this point he was so choked up he couldn't really finish the story. Wow.

I happened to TA the same class in 2001, and he gave a similarly moving speech in the lecture following 9/11.