Sunday, November 9, 2008

Please no Kerry

That font of knowledge,, details why John Kerry would be a bad SecState. Needless to say, I agree. Obama took a lot of flak, and stuck to his guns, over whether we should negotiate with leaders. Do you want John Kerry doing the negotiating? Do you want John Kerry showing up on Meet the Press to explain your latest actions in the foreign policy arena?

I'm sure John Kerry would in fact love to be SecState. I'm sure one reason John Kerry was quick to endore Obama in the primaries is that he had an eye on some appointment in a future Obama administration (Kerry's not close to the Clintons). But I want a lot of things and can't have them. I suppose one upside, though, is that it would get Theresa out of the country. I can't imagine Michelle Obama has much to talk to Theresa Heinz Kerry about.

Bill Richardson wouldn't be a bad choice. I think the beard-grow was a good move for him, because it takes away attention from this jowels. And, if I recall correctly from the debates, he was a governor. And has three point plans for everything, which is what you want from a Secretary.

Actually, though, I hope that Obama picks neither of them. I gotta imagine that we could do better.