Monday, November 3, 2008

PUMA no more

Chief Brody of Amity Island, who for a long time was a bit up in the air about Obama's candidacy and certainly didn't drink the Obama Kool-Aid during the primary season, writes in:

So, last Thursday I decided it was about time to start reading The Audacity of Hope, imagining that I would have such a low-key, relaxing weekend that I might finish it by tomorrow... Well... I'm in to the third chapter at least.. but for me, so far, that's enough... Enough to see that Obama really IS different... and that what he's saying is very interesting... And so I have doubts now how you could have been undecided this time last year (Obama or Clinton) ..... having read his book AND heard his speech at the '04 Convention.

Yes, so reading this book is getting me even more excited of the prospect of Obama being president... I am hopeful that he can actually bring the change that he talks about... and, actually, I understand what change he IS talking about now... well more so than before.... I mean, what's interesting to me so far is that he stresses the importance of understanding where other people are coming from... of accepting the fact that not everyone will agree with you or share your views.. and that you might not always be right and should consider other peoples ideas.... So, even though he is a democrat.. even though he might be quite "liberal", that doesn't necessarily mean that all of his policies/programs/etc will be crazy liberal.. And the McCain campaign has sort of capitilized on this idea that Obama is super partisan... that he's never voted outside his party or something like that... So, I wish that the Obama campaign had some how capitilized on that idea better... they may have a bit... but the fact that this was new information to me means that it is probably news to a lot of the swing voters that don't spend as much time reading articles about Obama as I do... granted, I am out of country so I have missed all commercials, etc. that you guys see.. but ya... anyways... I'm excited....

Indeed, Obama has consistently had an appealing message. If you haven't gotten the chance to read "The Audacity of Hope" I highly recommend it -- try it on audiobook for a real treat, as it is read by Obama.

I honestly think the last time I was this excited about anything in the world-at-large (as opposed to my personal life) was the '04 Red Sox, but even then only when they were up by a bunch of runs in game 7 of the ALCS (way more dread during that whole process). Tomorrow will be the culmination of something I've been following (obsessing over) for several years. And really, when the daughter of a slave can cast a vote for a black man, truly something historic has occurred.