Friday, September 26, 2008

Live blogging Debate I, the sequel

10:39 - Okay, Sarah Palin on Oct. 2. Can't wait. G'night.

10:37 - That's it. Okay, McCain probably had a slightly better performance, but certainly not anything that changes the fundamentals of this race. Let's see what Chuck Todd says.

10:36 - Ah yes, McCain was in prison. Who knew... yes, then you screwed your bipartisan partner, Kerry, in '04

10:35 - Are we on TBS time? It is 5 past, why is this still going on?

10:32 - Experience, knowledge, judgement--- one out of three ain't bad

10:31 - The Chinese are sneaky, but I doubt they are blending in well in South America. Ah, back to the economy, well done.

10:30 - Missile defense did not end the Cold War you dufus. Back to the Obama doesn't get it refrain (effective, I'd say, at least in this forum)

10:29 - Sam Nunn would be spinning happily in his grave, were he to be dead.

10:28 - "So that we don't ever torture ever AGAIN" -- admits that we have been torturing

10:27 - Safer but a long way from safe... oh please, Joe Lieberman isn't across the aisle, he's currently in your rectum.

10:26 - Nuclear waste... Nevada has 5 electoral votes

10:25 - A bridge... in general bad idea to use the word exploit when talking about natural resources

10:24 - I hate it when things alliterate, like "pain" and "pump"

10:23 - We can't drill baby drill? Damn, that sounded like fun.

10:21 - Fun fact: Kramer mocking Newman's hold on the Ukraine in a game of Risk on the Metro leads to the destruction of the board by a Ukranian

10:18 - McCain's insistence on Obama's naivete is effective, and I'm surprised that Obama hasn't been more forceful in answering it. The K-G-B in his eyes is somewhat Spectra-esque

10:17 - Actually, I'd love a return to the Cold War, because I really wanna see Top Gun II

10:15 - Fuck, that sucked.

10:14 - No, Obama, reply to the naive comment... McCain is closing strong now, and Obama is left mumbling to himself...

10:13 - What, height differences? And when did Kissinger become the gold standard in all things foreign affairs?

10:13 - Naive and dangerous... Obama needs to combat that

10:12 - Those damn Spaniards! My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!

10:11 - North Korea is a great example for Obama to point to, I mean, in many areas, they've pretty much done what Obama has suggested on many foreign relations issues.

10:10 - Bipartisan history of direct diplomacy... sounds good.

10:08 - Have sanctions ever worked? Ever? Ah, yes, Russia and China, we may need to get them on board.

10:07 - My lab has 6 centrifuges

10:06 - Ironically... IrAnically...

10:05 - Yes, let's leave Russia and China out and I'm sure that won't come back to bite us. BTW, have you asked the French and Germans about this league, because in general, they really don't like us...

10:04 - League of Democracies, like my younger brother, Woodrow Wilson proposed...

10:03 - Please don't say you'll bomb Iran....

9:59 - These stories are dull.

9:57 - In 1983, I think "Centerfold" was a top hit by the J. Geils Band. Maybe '82.

9:56 - Okay, an hour in, and I don't see any game changing events having occurred...

9:55 - If you love General Petraus so much, why don't you marry him? Or better yet, why doesn't he run for prez?

9:55 - Alexander the Great was quite gay.

9:54 - McCain isn't prepared to threaten Pakistan, but we can bomb the f' out of Iran...

9:53 - "Freedom fighters" = opium druglords

9:52 - Shit, Obama is counting on his fingers like Bill Richardson. I hope he doesn't grow jowels.

9:50 - Strategy, tactic, lockbox, strategery, whatever.

9:49 - Obama, don't raise your finger, just f'ing speak up!

9:48 - No, really, when I get a beer?

9:46 - Obama, talk up! Respond vigorously! Here we go... Ah, timetable! I swear, this is the second time that Obama has mentioned bin Laden being free in the past tense... hmm, conspiracy...

9:45 - I don't know the difference between a tactic and a strategy... nor do I know how this ceremony shows the difference between the two. McCain is looking good right now (because he's saying what he actually believes)

9:45 - Pulls the Biden card, but doesn't put it on the table (?) Obama seems a bit fired up about this stuff. I like the repitition of 'you were wrong' He's getting McCain pissed.

9:44 - McCain scores a point regarding the surge... kinda... Obama will have to go into too much detail to refute this

9:43 - Are they taking a break soon? My beer has been dry for way too long.

9:42 - $600 billion in Iraq. Hmm, that's a lot of dough.

9:41 - Iraq will be our ally? I dunno... I mean, they probably will be too fragmented and weak to declare war on anyone anytime soon, but I doubt they'll be jumping up to help us in anyway

9:40 - John McCain: "you can't have a failed policy" -- mindblowing.

9:38 - John McBush. McCain is about to explode.

9:38 - I have plans. Secret plans. Hidden in a pumpkin.

9:36 - McCain clearly gets sidetracked when he repeats a line he's been given, because he doesn't know how to transition from that line to what the question actually asked.

9:35 - "Rule" the country? Jeez, Bush really has changed this country.

9:34 - No, please not another president who can't pronounce nuclear

9:33 - McCain things windtidesolarflexfuel is one word.

9:32 - Okay, I like Jim's insistence, kinda, but this is bordering on one of those hypotheticals that is impossible to answer. Good call on bringing up Iraq.

9:31 - I think Google is actually running the world. Which is fine with me.

9:30 - Good call Jim, neither has said anything about what would be cut.

9:28 - McCain will cut spending. McCain will eliminate ethanol subsidies (which is fine with me) but he offically said Good-Bye to Iowas 7 EVs (which had already occurred, he's had this posiiton for a long time)

9:26 - What will you give up because of bailout? Good question. Okay, top priorities for Obama - energy independence and alt. energy (note he didn't say nuclear, which he ususally does), and heath care, and education (hmm, hasn't said what we're putting off.... you wanna eat your cake?). Oh,and #4, roads, internet, electrical grid. Eh, vague answer.

9:25 - Not sure who's winning yet... IF we are giving to oil companies, THEN we can't give to you -- good contrast

9:24 - Kinda surprised Obama didnt' jump on McCain's definition of rich (which he had defined as 5 million a year)

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