Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Every now and again in the lab, you'll have a result that jives with all your hypotheses, that points towards some interesting conclusion that might explain some tiny part of how this world works, and that other people might be interested in. Those are good moments... rare, but good.

The flip-side of that feeling, however, is the realization that the result might not mean what you think it means (inconceivable!). These realizations stink, because they tend to point towards an experiment that you don't want to do and don't want to 'work' because proving yourself wrong is never fun. These are moments of dread, when you have these thoughts, but these are also, fortunately, rare.

I just had one of those moments. I've been thoroughly enjoying the Sarah Palin Experience. The interviews with Charlie & Katie were great, but I loved having another reason to watch Tina Fey. I already thought she was great from SNL and 30 Rock, but now I love her even more. So today, when I clicked on another episode of Sarah Palin with Katie Couric, I was horrified when for a split second I liked Sarah Palin -- not because it was Sarah Palin, but because in my mind I saw Tina Fey and that made me smile, instead of vomit in terror that the actual Sarah Palin could be the actual president. Given how easy it is for the human brain to work on the emotional level instead of the rational one, I really really hope that this is not a common occurrence.