Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Intellectual morass

The conventional wisdom now holds that the Senate will vote on a bailout/rescue bill sometime today, while the House will reconvene tomorrow and vote that day or Friday. While no bill sails through Congress, it seems that the sausage-being-made aspect of this one is particularly gruesome. No one knows what to think or what to say, as evidenced by this quick succession of events noticed by a friend while watching CNN for 30 minutes:

1) News report of GOP Members blaming Dems for failure to pass bailout.
2) Liberal 527 ad against "Bush bailout" for "his friends on Wall Street"
3) RNC(I think) ad blaming Obama for economy and trying to pass "reckless" bailout
4) News report of House Dems blaming GOP for failing to bailout economy.

I doubt that I'm alone in not knowing what to think either. Do I want Wall Street to get a wad of dough and get bailed-out from a lot of bad decisions? No. Am I worried about the whole sucker going down (wow, there's a presidential quote for posterity...)? Yes. Of course, maybe this just points to the fact that we're all lemmings -- I mean, for the past 8 years, I could pretty much feel comfortable just opposing whatever the hell Bush was supporting. Likewise, if some elected leader who's intellect and opinion I respected had some clear statements on this, that would certainly help. Maybe I should just think whatever Paul Krugman tells me to.