Monday, October 13, 2008

ALCS Game 3: Rays 9, Sox 1

I guess the good news is that the Finger of Blame cannot be pointed in any one particular direction. Outside of that, well, not much silver lining. Things that are good:
1) Francona had the brains enough to realize this game was out of reach and didn't burn out the bullpen protecting a 4 run deficit. In related news, the Byrd family will be happy to know that Paul is not dead.
2) Ellsbury, he of the current 0-for-20 streak, is majorly due and I'm sure these dividends will be paid in games 4 through 6.
3) The Red Sox didn't win Game 3 in the ALCS of '04 or '07 either.
4) Big Papi is, um, crap, I can't rationalize this...
5) In 2004, I said -- outloud and repeatedly -- that I would trade a Red Sox win for a Democrat win, and remind you, this was the still-Bambino'd Sox and John "Jean" Kerry -- so yeah, I would defintitely trade Obama for the Sox (and hell, you can have Tom Brady's A&M CL)