Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kerry as Sec. of State?

Many have already moved past the election and are now figuring out who will fill out Obama's cabinet. One named floated for Secretary of State is John Kerry. Are you frickin' kidding me? Obama is no dope, so I seriously doubt this is under consideration -- and maybe I'm viewing Obama as too much of a football coach, but when he says that he's taking this one game at a time, I believe him.

John Kerry would be a horrible Secretary of State, for the same reason that he was a horrible presidential candidate. First, the guy is incapable of speaking naturally. Yes, he did give one good speech during the DNC this year, but overall, he's a bad public speaker, so probably not the sort of guy you want travelling the world as a representative of America. Second, he has the stink of loser attached to him, and Republicans are used to poo-poohing him, so do you really want a Sec. State that half (well, less than half!) of the people in this country generally don't respect?

All things being equal, does Kerry have the brains and temperment to be Sec. State? Yes on the latter, not so sure on the former (he looked smart compared to Bush, but I've never heard Kerry described as a heavyweight intellect -- hell, his report card at Yale was pretty similar to W's). But there have to be more qualified people out there. I'm not saying she was particularly qualified, but who the hell had heard of Condi Rice before Bush tapped her in '00 to be NSA? Cabinet appointments can come from unlikely places.

I think that all this parlor game guessing is merely to fill up the time, and Big Names float to the top due to lack of any real knowledge.