Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ALDS roster

Drew, Lowell, and Beckett all made the Division series roster for the Sox, so they must be reasonably healthy. Because of the question marks surrounding Beckett, the Sox took both Byrd and Wakefield; I'd imagine that Wakefield isn't used in games 1 and 2 as he'd likely start game 3 should Beckett not be able to go. While Manny Delcarmen still scares the hell out of me, I'd imagine that Byrd is the last option in the pen, meaning extra innings or mop-up. Shockingly, and thankfully, Timlin did not make the roster -- apparently, Francona realized that 90 mph straight fastballs right over the plate can be hit by most major leaguers.

Also, as I suspected, the Sox will have three catchers on the roster, adding David Ross. I really doubt he'll see the field, but it does allow Francona to pinch hit for Tek.

So thrilled that I'm already tired and the game doesn't start for 3 and half hours... Cubs-Dodgers should be a helluva series, though.