Sunday, October 26, 2008

Since the beginning of time, man has yeared to destroy the sun

Or so says Montgomery Burns. Others, however, have learned what plants have known for billions of years, that the sun is a cheap source of energy. One such person is my cousin who, apparently, does this for a living. Here's his 5 minutes in the sun (ha!) on Fox.

On a related note, one benefit of attending MIT is that the alumni magazine, Technology Review, is actually worth reading. I wish I had a longer history of reading this periodical, so I would know if their predictions/hype are accurate harbingers of the future of technology. But if they are, we're not that far from generating a helluva lot of energy from solar. Analogous to computers, look at where we were 25 years ago. I really want to play Pogo Joe again, by the way -- I'm pretty sure there was a board entitled "Tennis, Antibody?" which is just hilarious.