Thursday, October 9, 2008

Please oh please

The Dodgers-Phillies series is broadcast by McCarver and Buck. I hate McCarver, so I'm glad I won't have to hear him for the ALCS... is there a snowball's chance in hell we'd get Orsillo, who did one of the series for TBS? I'm going to look this up now....

Ah crap, it is the same dudes who did the ALDS:
Buck Martinez, who hasn't figured out that the second, nor first, syllable of Ortiz receives the emphasis -- David Or-TIZ, not David OR-tiz.
Chip Caray, who, well, was mediocre
Craig Sagar, who wears puke-inducing jackets, and oh yeah, doesn't understand baseball.

PS Fox, stop playing 'orchestral' music in between innings. Doo doo doo DOO, doo doo doo Doooooooo