Thursday, September 25, 2008

Super Colon Blow!

A friend writes in:

Perhaps the McCain campaign is going for what Dennis Leary called the "No Feces" approach. His theory was that all our foodstuffs are stuck with the "No xxx" label - no fat, no trans fat, no cholesterol, no no no no. What's next? "No Feces!" The consumer picks up a box of cereal, and sees "No Feces Flakes" - said consumer thinks to themselves, "Gosh, those other cereals must be loaded with feces! I better buy this one."

McCain's strategy seems similar: attempt to convince the electorate that Obama is more concerned with campaigning than with the well-being of this country. This only impresses (I would think) rabid neo-cons who already would vote for McCain, so I'm not sure how it helps him.

I agree, or at least, I hope that no one buys this. But as I noticed on Fox News last night, Dick Morris was already saying that McCain is doing this in order to take credit for whatever deal gets done. He'll say, "look, I said was coming to Washington and that got their butts in gear, what a great leader I am" even though Dodd won't let McCain in the office door. Of course, McCain could also just veto whatever the hell is produced, and then he can go on record as opposing the Bush administration. Of course, all of this is politically motivated and has nothing to do with getting a good bill passed.