Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend cobwebs

I really don't know why MLB has decided to put the Red Sox first playoff game on at 10pm eastern time on Wednesday night (Friday night's at 9:30). There are certainly more Sox fans in the east coast than there are Angels fans in the west coast. And if the Angels can't fill a stadium for a mid-afternoon playoff game, then that's their problem (think Fenway or Wrigley wouldn't be full for an afternoon playoff game?)

Oh yeah, and Beckett is out for game 1, and I'm skeptical that he'd be able to pitch by game 3. Blech.

I'm sure by tomorrow morning I'll have figured out this whole bailout thing. But really, we're all just looking forward to Thursday night's debate, which I will live-blog and hopefully not choke to death from laughter.