Monday, January 5, 2009

Gambling Fail

Good thing I don't do this professionally. I was right on one game out of four, and it was my lowest wager. So +10 and -40, -25, and -20 puts me at -75 so far.

Baltimore's D was impressive, or perhaps this is another way of saying Chad Pennington was really bad. If I were Baltimore, I'd be a bit worried that their offense punted an awful lot. It seemed like Miami was able to hold them to 3-and-outs after most of the turnovers.

I'm still not sure how the Chargers managed to get by the Colts. It seemed like the Colts could move the ball at will when they threw it, but Dungy insisted on continuing to call ineffective running plays -- they haven't been able to run all year, why would the playoffs be any different? I'm looking forward to some team paying Darren Sproles a ton of dough this offseason in the hopes that he'll be their everydown back, and then watching a 5'6" speed guy break down by week 6. He reminds me of an Eric Metcalf or Dave Meggett, a tremendously useful guy to have on your team, as long as not too much is asked of him. This loss gives Manning a playoff record of 2-3 in his MVP years (2003, 04, 08).

I didn't catch too much of the Arizona-Atlanta game, but from what I saw, Arizona was pretty effective at bottling up Michael Turner, which is no small feat. The final game of the weekend, Eagles - Vikings, was not as gruesome as I expected, but man, Tavaras Jackson is a bad QB. Of course, maybe Brad Childress is a bad coach, and these two statements aren't mutually exclusive. TJ was 15-35 passing (43%) with a pick 6, and perhaps even more egregious was the Vikings' special teams: the Eagles averaged 22 yards on 5 punt returns. That is horrible.

Looking ahead, the Giants-Eagles should be very fun to watch. TV schedule:
Sat, 4:30 - Baltimore @ Tennessee
Sat, 8:15 - Arizona @ Carolina
Sun, 1:00 - Philadelphia @ New York
Sun, 4:45 - San Diego @ Pittsburgh