Monday, January 12, 2009

More Fail

It is looking more and more like I won't need to regret not having become a professional gambler. Yet again, I only picked the Ravens correctly, putting me at -55 for the week and -130 for the playoffs. The only victor that really surprised me was the Cardinals, as I don't think anyone foresaw them blowing out the Panthers. And now they get a home game...

At this point, Omar Epps & the Steelers are certainly the favorite, and dare I say it, the prohibitive favorite (now that I see it on the screen, I don't really know what that phrase means, but I feel like I'm using it correctly). That third quarter was truly epic, in that if I were a fan of the Chargers, I might have lost my mind -- remember, this is a Chargers team that has been close each of the past few years. Hell, they lost to New England a few years ago after intercepting a 4th down pass only to then fumble it when Troy Brown stripped the guy, allowing the Patriots to keep the drive going and win the game. And now they have a game where for an entire quarter they run exactly one play for 0 yards?